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Atlanta's Finest Shopping blog considers Dedra purses to be some of the finest! 2006


Mad About Bags blog writes about Dedra Weiss' Sunburst purse in "Handmade Beaded Beauties." 08-10-2006

fashion_daily.gif writes about Dedra Weiss and her handmade beaded purses in article, Dedra - Handmade Beaded Purses for the Fashion Elite. 06-2004


The Bag Lady blog in London loves the Sunburst purse, commenting, "It's so refreshing to find seed bead bags which aren't mass-produced..."  08.09.2006


Style for Free blog features Dedra purses as, the Look of the Day, Weekend Edition. 02.2005

Fashion bloggers are writing about Dedra Weiss and her handmade beaded purses.

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