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Cracking the Female Business Code | Rani Alfers Interviews Dedra Weiss

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Rani Alfers, of Cracking the Female Business Code, interviews Dedra about her business, handmade beaded purses, and art. Rani is an accomplished business owner, travel blogger, and marketing expert.

In her segment, Cracking the Female Business Code, Rani interviews women in business in the community and around the country. The casual conversations create a platform for women in business to share stories and ideas about how they are "Cracking the Female Business Code" and succeeding in business.

Dedra talks about her purses, inspirations, and the upcoming launches of her new collection and digital course. She shares some of her marketing strategies and business techniques that have established her in the field of handmade fashion accessories.

Watch the interview and get to know Dedra and Rani.


Thank you Rani for the wonderful chat!

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