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Voyage Dallas Magazine Interviews Dedra

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Voyage Dallas Magazine interviews Designer, Dedra Weiss. Dedra talks about her handmade beaded purses, with images of some of her stunning purses from the Frame Collection and Glass Collection adorning the page.

Dedra shares the history of her business, some of the struggles she has encountered, and those that inspired her throughout her life.

The interview described how she started making purses, and developed her own technique of purse-making. Dedra described how her purses can be worn or displayed as art; they are wearable works of art, embodied with the romance of the past.

Voyage Dallas Magazine is an innovative publication, featuring artists, independent entrepreneurs, and inspiring people in some of the greatest cities in America. They encourage uniqueness and creativity. Thank you Voyage Dallas Magazine for including Dedra and her handmade beaded purses in your stellar publication.

Read the full article: Voyage Dallas Magazine - Dedra Weiss

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