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Dedra Weiss - Artist and Designer

With a fondness for vintage clothing and accessories, Dedra Weiss began hand making beaded purses reminiscent of those from the late 1800's - 1940's, but with a modern twist. Dedra draws her purse designs to create a vintage or contemporary feel and weaves thousands of tiny, glass seed beads into a unique and functional purse.

Dedra made her first purse from a sack of antique seed beads given to her

by her mother, salvaged from her grandmother's vintage purse. Staring at a pile of

beads can be pretty intimidating. Infatuated with the glamour and elegance of vintage
fashion, she wanted to transform those little glass beads  into a purse, a wearable

work of art, embodied with the romance of the past.


But how? There were no instruction books, tutorials or classes. Determined, she created

her own method of purse making, building upon the loom beading techniques she learned making beaded belts and bracelets. She made the purse without any instruction or pattern, eventually mastering the art of purse making with her own unique techniques.

Her designs are works of art that can be displayed or worn. Flooded with confidence and beauty, one feels like a classic movie star when wearing a Dedra handmade beaded purse.

Dedra's handmade beaded purses have been featured on HGTV, and magazines such as Southern Living, Southern Bride, Coastal Living and many more.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Dedra holds six college degrees ranging from Associates to Doctorate of Pharmacy. She is a licensed pharmacist and has worked in the fields of compounding, hospice, and home infusion. Dedra's love of art and design spurred her to design her purses and create art full-time in addition to writing articles for pharmacy publications nationwide.


Handmade Beaded Purses

Artistic Glass Bead Purses

Dedra's handmade purses are vintage inspired creations that capture everyone's eye dangling from one's hand, wrist, or draped gracefully cross-body.

Each purse is meticulously made with precision. Dedra draws the designs, loom weaves thousands of seed beads together, and hand sews a beautiful satin lining to complete the purse.

The handmade beaded purses

come tucked in a matching

protective satin bag.


The Art of Purse-Making

Dedra strings each bead individually on to a loom, creating a piece of beaded fabric, that is sewn onto a satin lining. Dedra  has combined traditional techniques with her own unique strategies,  designing  and  constructing purses of superb quality.


Digital Course - How to Make Handmade Beaded Purses

Ever wonder how Dedra makes her handmade beaded purses? Well, the secret is out for those wanting to create their own masterpieces. 

Beginner or advanced beaders can follow step-by-step slide and video tutorials on how to make a foldover flap purse like those in Dedra's Glass Collection.

This course is currently offered only once per year in mid-January, so be sure to mark the date. The price for the course is $399.


Sign up to join the waitlist. Details will be sent in December before the start of the course.


Happy beading!

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Handmade Beaded Purse Course
Dedra Handmade Beaded Purse Course
Dedra Purse Pattern

Course Waitlist - January 2024

Course details and payment options will be sent in December

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