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Jersey Shore Summer| Slow Living on the Beaches and Boardwalks

Drawing on the beach in New Jersey

The New Jersey shore is a special place for me. The beauty of the coast is breathtaking, filled with memories of family, fun, and connection.

Come along on this video as I explore the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey shore, where I embark on a journey of unwinding, discovering, and fully immersing myself in the present moment with my family in tow.

The idyllic backdrop of the New Jersey shoreline possesses a tranquil and enchanting ambiance, perfectly suited for a laid-back lifestyle by the coast. I wholeheartedly embrace the laid-back summer atmosphere in the well-liked yet serene vacation spots along the Jersey Shore.

Noteworthy New Jersey destinations for an unhurried vacation:

• Point Pleasant Beach:

Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey

This family-friendly shoreline is renowned for its immaculate sands and inviting waves. At Jenkinson's Boardwalk, you can enjoy a plethora of amusements, including miniature golf, an aquarium, and a whimsical funhouse.

• The Asbury Park Beach Boardwalk stands out as a unique and beloved location along the New Jersey coast, celebrated for its special fusion of artistic expression, entertainment, and community allure.

Asbury Park Boardwalk New Jersey

Situated in the vibrant town of Asbury Park, this artistic-themed boardwalk provides a captivating encounter that encapsulates the area's culture and history.

Silverball Retro Arcade Asbury Park New Jersey

• Wildwood Beach: The sprawling sandy shores of Wildwood are famous for their expansive stretches of soft sand and lively atmosphere. Complementing the beach is a dynamic boardwalk featuring amusement rides, water parks, and an array of dining choices.

Wildwood Beach Boardwalk New Jersey

• The Atlantic City Beach Boardwalk stretches vibrantly and iconically along the Atlantic Ocean, presenting a captivating blend of amusement, leisure, and breathtaking sea panoramas.

Atlantic City Boardwalk New Jersey

This historic boardwalk, often referred to as simply the "Boardwalk," has been a cornerstone of Atlantic City's culture and tourism for more than a century. It boasts amusement piers with exhilarating rides, games of chance, and an abundance of attractions. Notably, the Steel Pier stands as a historic monument, offering a mix of classic and contemporary rides that offer awe-inspiring views of the coastline.

The New Jersy shore is the perfect spot for a slow-living family summer vacation. I hope you can check it out and experience the magic as well.

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Beadwork, art, and poetry by Dedra Weiss.

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