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New YouTube Channel | Opals & Clovers by Dedra Weiss

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Weaving tens of thousands of tiny seed beads together on a loom takes time. So does painting, drawing, and writing poetry. Each of these time-consuming activities I do with passion, and am thankful for the amount of time they take to complete because it forces me to slow down.

I become more in-tuned with my thoughts and find myself living in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or obsessing over what may be in the future. I also have a great reverence for nature and find that it is a great way to not only connect with yourself but also with others.

As a slow-living enthusiast, I've started a YouTube channel called Opals & Clovers that is meant to inspire and relax viewers. I'm creating artistic vignette videos that show how I use my beading, art, poetry, and love of nature and gardening to slow down to lead a more enriching life.

Please watch and subscribe. I'd also love to hear from you about your beadwork or slow-living journey. Please send me a message or comment on a video on the channel.

Thanks for watching and for all of your support.



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